About us

Our company is engaged in the current, capital recovery and repair of motor vehicles KrAZ and MAZ, and also sells KrAZ trucks after the restoration and renovation of all other types of repair with a guarantee of 6 months. We repair tractor machinery, engines, we have a large tire plant for trucks. In particular, we provide services of autos-enterprise and private owners of KrAZ, MAZ, GAZ for all types of repairs and changes to the model. We do renovations KrAZ trucks under the trucks, modified car models (eg. 255-B1 in 258 dumper (truck tractor) in the dumper, 6444 to 6510, 6443 to 65035, etc.), installation of various equipment on the chassis KrAZ- timber-carrying equipment, manipulators , mixer, and so on., as well as the installation of walk-through bridges. Also, the company sells a wide range of different parts and components for automobiles KrAZ and MAZ. In recent years, the rapidly increasing production volumes and expanding the list of services.
In 2012 the shop was opened with the horizontal band saw machines. We produce sawn lumber of all sizes under the order (beams, boards, etc.). We provide services to lumber drying. We produce pallets of different shapes. There are available chopped firewood (oak, beech, acacia, etc.). Delivery is possible. We work by wire transfer.